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California Adult Education

Planning Tool

The planning toolkit consists of all the resources needed to successfully complete the Adult Education 3-year planning process/ Select the planning process or resources type, of view all.

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CAEP Adult Education Data Unlocked Course


For comprehensive preparation and support in developing the Three-Year Plan, please utilize the provided link to access a selection of webinars. These sessions are designed to guide you through the Three-Year Planning, and Annual Planning processes to facilitate the consortia program planning.

How to Use it:

Consortium staff or K12 and CC representatives, including key partners, can learn more about understanding how to use community, economic, and student data to inform consortium planning.

Link to view CAEP Webinars and Resources

CAEP Human Centered Design Training


Human-Centered Design (HCD) is a generative design process that puts students in the center of planning and service design. HCD is a process that provides insight to help practitioners better understand who students are and what they really need. It’s also a different way of engaging with partners.

How to Use it:

View the recording to learn more about Human Centered Design.

Human Centered Design Training Webinar Recording

CAEP Professional Development Webinars


These resources provide instruction on professional development available to CAEP consortia as well as best practices for professional development.

How to Use it:

Use these resources to learn about professional development opportunities in your region as well as best practices.

View CAEP Webinars on Professional Development CA Adult Education PD Training Page

CAEP Self Assessment Tool


The Consortium Program Quality Self-Assessment Tool is designed to provide consortia with a way to begin important conversations about the quality of their collaboration and impact within their communities using a self-directed quality improvement process. Created with input from practitioners and experts in the field of Adult Education, the Consortium Program Quality Self-Assessment Tool was created to help consortia evaluate their effectiveness in the following key areas: capacity, connection, entry, progress and completion/Transition.

How to Use it:

For each area, a number of prompts are provided that may be used to describe the effectiveness of regional consortia and their members. While there are many right ways to use the self-assessment tool, it was primarily designed for use in formative assessment and by program improvement and planning teams.

For more information and support see the CA Adult Education Training page and the CAEP Events Page.

Download Self Assessment Tool Link to CAEP Events Page Link to CA Adult Education Training Page

CAEP Webinar on Community Asset Mapping


These webinars and resource documents from 2018 and 2019 are focused on how to conduct community asset mapping.

How to Use it:

Use these webinars to learn more about how to map out the assets for adult education in your region.

Download CAEP Webinar PDF on Community Asset Mapping January 22, 2019 View January 22, 2019, Community Asset Mapping Webinar Recording Download Community Asset Mapping Tool February 21, 2018 View February 21,2018, Community Asset Mapping Webinar Recording

CAEP Webinars on Leveraging Resources


These webinars focus on best practices and recommendations for leveraging resources.

How to Use it:

Use these webinars to learn about how to get more out of leveraged resources and how to improve community partnerships.

View CAEP Webinars on Leveraging Resources

CAEP Webinars on Student Transitions


These webinars focus on best practices relating to student transitions including pathways to employment for individuals with disabilities, work-based learning, and integrated training models.

How to Use it:

Use these webinars to learn more about best practices for student transitions.

View CAEP Webinars on Student acceleration

California Competes- CA Postsecondary to Prosperity Dashboard


The California Postsecondary to Prosperity Dashboard braids together multiple data sources to provide a single portal with high-quality information on the state of opportunity in higher education, employment, and quality of life across California’s diverse regions.

How to Use it:

Explore all metrics across each region, such as educational attainment, college access, enrollment rates, retention rates, racial diversity, broadband access, college degree breakdown, workforce opportunities, student loan data, access to community services, and more.

CA Postsecondary to Prosperity Dashboard

California Forward Economic Summit Resources


California Forward is a bipartisan group focused on growing California’s economy. They host yearly California Economic Summits featuring a broad and diverse network of business, equity, environmental, and civic organizations to craft strategies to improve upward mobility, build more housing, create a strong workforce, and strengthen the state’s water sustainability. The summit page offers a variety of resources related to regional economies including data and information about initiatives and recommendations for best practices.

How to Use it:

Use this resource to find out more about your region and initiatives happening around the state.

Visit California Economic Summit Resource Site