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California Adult Education

Planning Tool

The planning toolkit consists of all the resources needed to successfuly complete the Adult Education 3-year planning process/ Select the planning process or resources type, of view all.

4 Items

Self Assessment Tool


The Consortium Program Quality Self-Assessment Tool is designed to provide consortia with a way to begin important conversations about the quality of their collaboration and impact within their communities using a self-directed quality improvement process.

How to Use it:

Created with input from practitioners and experts in the field of Adult Education, the Consortium Program Quality Self-Assessment Tool was created to help consortia evaluate their effectiveness in the following key areas: capacity, connection, entry, progress and completion/Transition. For each area, a number of prompts are provided that may be used to describe the effectiveness of regional consortia and their members. While there are many right ways to use the self-assessment tool, it was primarily designed for use in formative assessment and by program improvement and planning teams.

Download Self Assessment Tool

Student Progress Framework


The Student Progress Framework aligns elements from Completion by Design Momentum-Loss Framework with the objectives, populations, and core outcomes of AB104.

How to Use it:

The Student Progress Framework provides a visual organizer for thinking about how consortium goals and activities are aligned to student journeys, momentum points, and the AEP metrics, and can be a valuable resource for making decisions about logic model activities and outputs.

View the Student Progress Framework

Three year Plan Guidance


The guidance from the AEP Office to be used by regions for the 3-year planning process.

How to Use it:

Use this to create your region’s 3-year plan.

Download Three year Plan Guidance

Three Year Plan Template


The template is the suggested format for organizing responses to the 3-year planning guidance. Plans cannot exceed 35 pages, single spaced and must be submitted in NOVA as a PDF.

How to Use it:

Use this template to organize your region’s responses to the guidance.

Download Three Year Plan Template