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CAEP Onboarding Tool

Introduction How to use this tool

An Introduction

Welcome to the California Adult Education Program! CAEP is a unique partnership among California Community Colleges and K12 adult schools to meet the needs of adult learners through multiple education on- and off-ramps, specialized curriculum and resources to support them in their educational journey. CAEP is a network of 71 regional consortia across California that build better career and educational pathways to support students. That’s 71 regional consortia with one common mission to work synergistically with workforce and education partners, community stakeholders, and industry to ensure that students are prepared for life, for work and to support their families and strengthen communities no matter where they are in their educational journey.

Just as our regional economies are diverse across California, so are the adult learners that live in and contribute to their communities. Because of this diversity, CAEP consortia design innovations and promising practices that align with the goals of adult learners. The high-quality programs and practices developed on a regional level through the integration of K12 adult education and community college resources are uniquely suited to equip all students with the tools they need to excel in their personal and professional growth. There are close to 400 CAEP members and more than 1,000 community partners within our 71 consortia. CAEP’s unique partnership brings the spirit of California innovation to adult education.

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How to use this tool

This tool is intended for consortium leadership new to CAEP or new to consortium management. This may include anyone from consortium directors, consortium staff to new member representatives.

Begin with the Getting Started page for overviews on the legislation governing the CAEP, program guidance and fiscal guidance as well as basic resources you’ll use often. Next, stop by the Data Driven Decision Making and Technology page to learn about planning, student data collection and reporting, and fiscal reporting as well as links to the Adult Education systems used for data tracking and reporting.

The Effective Consortium Management page provides resources helpful for consortium organization and the Proactive Outreach page includes resources your region can use to get the word out to community stakeholders about the work you do.

caep 101


Start here for 30,000 ft. overviews of:

  • CAEP Program and Legislation
  • CAEP Stakeholder
  • Program Guidance
  • Fiscal Guidance

Data Driven Decision
Making and Technology

Learn about:

  • Data Collection and Reporting
  • Planning
  • Reporting Tools

Effective Consortium

Learn about:

  • Quality consortium leadership
  • Consortium configuration and governance
  • Brown Act basics


Learn about:

  • Telling your story
  • Student outreach
  • Employer engagement

Quick Resource LInks

Each of the CAEP sections contains links to related resources. Below are quick links to some of the most frequently used resources: