Every three years, regional consortia develop a 3-year regional strategic plan. The process is designed to provide consortia and consortium members a chance to collectively assess the impact of services provided over the previous period using performance data and to identify new approaches to meeting the educational and workforce needs of adult learners in their region. In this way, it also provides an opportunity to reexamine commonly held assumptions about the beneficiaries and providers, which taken together, can promote stronger collaboration among agencies and deeper connections to the students and the communities they serve. Each year, regions submit a two-part annual plan. The first part is a consortium level plan which allows consortia to explain how planned allocations are consistent with their 3-year plan. It is a region’s big-picture document that references the consortium’s key accomplishments to-date and sets out goals and strategies (based on the CAEP objectives) for the coming year. The second part is the member level work plan and budget required from each consortium member and based on the consortium annual plan. Both 3-year and annual plans are submitted using NOVA.

CAEP Technology: Adult Education Systems

CAEP consortia use four main systems for student data and fiscal reporting:

Fiscal Reporting System


Student Data Reporting Systems

K-12 Members:

CASAS TOPSPro Enterprise

Community College Members:


Results and Scorecard


Visit the Adult Education Systems data resource page on the main CAEP Data Tool for a one-stop shop for links and resources relating to these systems.

Student Data and Reporting

These two webinars provide an introduction to student data collection and reporting. Visit the CAEP Data Tool for a complete set of data collection and reporting resources.

Student Data Overview for K12 Adult Ed Programs

An overview of the CAEP data collection and reporting requirements and how to use CASAS TOPSPro Enterprise.

Student Data Overview for Community Colleges

An overview of the CAEP data collection and reporting requirements and how to use CCMIS and LaunchBoard.

Student Data Quick Links

Fiscal Reporting

As you learned in the Fiscal Management Overview, the consortium director submits the CFAD annually in NOVA to detail member allocations. The annual consortium plans as well as member work plans and budgets are submitted in NOVA as well. Allocation amendments, budget updates as well as quarterly expenditure reports are submitted in NOVA as well.

Fiscal Reporting Quick Links