Proactive Outreach Resources

Note: Several of the resources below were created prior to the new CAEP Branding. While the branding and use of AEBG is outdated, the information is still very relevant.

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Building an Effective Outreach Plan

This webinar builds the capacity of CAEP adult education organizations to proactively develop an effective outreach plan for its various target audiences. Participants will learn a step-by-step process for developing an outreach plan and how adult education organizations have applied the process successfully for maximizing engagement with adult learners, employers and key stakeholders.

Engaging Employers Effectively with the Mission of Adult Education

Employers are a key target audience for adult education programs to garner support in work-based learning activities and placements for adult learners. But, research reveals that employers are a challenging audience to engage. This webinar applies relationship development principles to the world of adult education to build transformational relationships that bring businesses to the table to participate actively in sector strategies, curriculum development, and work-based learning opportunities for students. This session assesses your current business engagement practices using Business U's accredited assessment tool, followed by a comprehensive blueprint to maximize business engagement for your adult education programs.

Educate & Elevate: Working with Key Influencers

In a highly competitive funding environment, adult educators need a coordinated strategy to inform key stakeholders about the positive impacts of adult education. This session shares how to conduct a successful briefing for key influencers using the campaign fact sheet, video and legislative talking points from the Educate & Elevate campaign toolkit, coupled with your compelling local success stories and innovations. Leaders from the Advocacy Committee share their insights and strategies, as well as their game plan for a coordinated outreach effort.

Harnessing the Power of Social Media for Adult Education

How do you harness the power of social media to educate all types of key stakeholders about the importance of adult education? This session highlights key Twitter and Facebook strategies to showcase success stories, important data points, infographics and calls to action to motivate engagement with your adult education programs. Learn how to build your following to maximize reach and exposure.

Using Social Media to Market Adult Education

In this webinar from OTAN and CAEP TAP, learn about the purpose, value and features of popular social media tool, see examples of social media use in Adult education, learn about strategies for managing social media marketing as well as additional resources available.

This is a collection of fact sheets and infographics that help to tell the story of adult education in California as well as the link to the Educate & Elevate California Campaign, a partners of the National Educate & Elevate Campaign sponsored by the Coalition on Adult Basic Education and the National Council of State Directors of Adult Education. The goal of Educate & Elevate is to help inform the nation about the importance of how adult education supports adult learners, employers and communities, as well as the adult education innovations. Again, please note that some of these materials were developed prior to the CAEP rebranding, but remain relevant today.